Beneko Smartphone Marketplace

Beneko is a Smartphone ecosystem. The largest selection of models, offers and solutions. Available in one app, 28 countries and 24 languages.

Beneko in Phase ONE is a mobile application giving you the best offer for premium electronics. Do you want a new smartphone? We have it cheaper for you. How? We price compare thousands of offers daily from largest shops, European distributors and authorized resellers to bring you the best of the best.

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Beneko in phase TWO will be a marketplace for new and refurbished devices, paired with optional accessories, insurance, extended warranty, repair centers, battery exchange program, buyback program, upgrade program, recycling program. All in one app, tailored to consumer’s device and location

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Beneko in phase THREE will whitelabel its solutions and offer them to third parties like MVNOs and MNOs, affiliate sites and price comparison sites, in order to turn them into a marketplace. Beneko will enable other marketplaces either as a technology provider or as a fully managed marketplace. Marketplace-As-A-Service.

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We are Beneko and we have a vision:

to live in a friendship with our Planet, where the products, services, ideas and people are not hurting each other.

In our world, products don’t end up on landfills and oceans, they have the right to be repairable. Just use and return when not used anymore.

Then these returns get a second life in someone else’s hands.

And we have a choice now about making a better world.

if you too are committed to be earth-friendly, then we accept you and share with you the services and solutions that already exist today.

Welcome to Beneko, the responsible marketplace.
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