How Turbado uses investor’s money

Last week one of our customers invested 20000 eur in Turbado. We give him 12% p.a. interest, paid out monthly, so he gets 200 eur a month as long as he wants.

We found a good job for his money, so it works hard for him and helps Turbado to grow into the next billion euros business. We bought 5 pieces of LG’s new Super UHD 4K Quantum Display LED TV and listed them on Amazon, eBay and other marketplace in 7 EU countries we operate in. Purchase price 4900 Eur, sales price 9200 Eur and our profit 2700 Eur per piece.

It took us 10 days to find the 5 customers, 2 days to deliver the product and the initial investment of our customer. You can Invest today as well, interest paid out monthly, and see your money work hard.

This is what we do, we build money making machines.

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