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People ask me all the time what is Turbado. I used to say it is a Product-As-A-Service, but most of them they didn’t get it. Then I went into more in-depth explications and some of them after 90 seconds started to understand: So you sell smartphones on contract, and customer pays at the end for real usage, not at the beginning for the product itself.

But since then my attention shifted away from the device itself, as we are already good at that (2M customers and increasing daily by thousands of new users), more towards a mobile-phone ecosystem. What are the problems, we as consumers, must face when owning a smartphone.

woman with a phone turbado

Each of us who has a mobile phone, chance is once in a while we run into these situations:

  • – WHEN to buy a new mobile phone?
  • – WHAT model of the phone to choose?
  • – WHERE to buy it?
  • – WHAT plan should I get from the operator?
  • – SHOULD I opt for an extra insurance?
  • – WHAT extra accessories do I fancy?
  • – HOW to actually use my new phone?
  • – WHAT apps to install?
  • – WHAT news feed to subscribe to for staying up to date?
  • – WHERE to go when my phone malfunctions?
  • – WHERE to go when my phone is damaged or broken?
  • – HOW to get rid of my old phone?

… and all over again… and again

So Turbado is the Mobile-Phone Ecosystem, a curated marketplace with a 360° view around the smartphone. We collect the best practices and solutions available today, giving the user a rounded experience, while helping providers improve their products and access more consumers through a single channel.

At the end, we are the go-to-place when you think about your smartphone and the world around it.

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