21 Million Euros investment

The 1.6 Million Customers we serve today and adding daily 3000 new ones, will soon be getting another push with an investment of 21 Million Euros into the Turbado ecosystem.

Turbado is a Product-as-a-Service company, active in 8 EU countries, the market leader in its segment, regularly placing on TOP positions in customer satisfaction surveys.

2018 marked the year of great growth to 165 Million euros revenue, 130 employees, expansion to new countries and becoming a respectful challenger of online retail in Europe.

2019-2021, the years of continuous growth and expansion

The period we are entering, is capital intensive, commonly called the growth stage, where we aim to serve 4 Million customers, get to one Billion Euros revenue, have 500 employees, and becoming a marketplace, a mobile network operator, a subscription based business, a financial institution, a third party logistics provider, a shopping app operator, among others.

We expect we will need 21 Million Euros investment to reach our goals and be successful, while success is defined as reaching our targets in volume and profit:

Own Marketplace until break even: 2M EUR

Own stock next 12 months: 5M EUR; and 24 months: 10M EUR

New ERP + Frontends + App development: 1M EUR

MVNO, Wine and Coffee new Subscription Based Business Units: 2M EUR

Real Estate for rental next 12 months: 2M EUR; and 24 months: 4M EUR

Real Estate for own use: 1M EUR

Open new markets in all EU 28 countries: 1M EUR

a total of 21 Million Euros investment today, will bring us closer to our goals tomorrow:

Yearly profit:

  • year 1: 2 737 980 eur
  • year 2: 8 179 600 eur
  • year 3: 17 082 000 eur
  • year 4: 69 160 000 eur


To investors we offer securities (we own real estate), fixed terms and interest, possibility to profit with us in case of sale or IPO.

This investment is ideal for debt investors, venture debt, and maybe as convertible debt. A non-dilutive financing is what we are looking for. We pay you a commission to connect us with investors that will fund us.

Like us, share us, get us investors or invest in Turbado.

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