What is Turbado – a PaaS

Turbado is a Product-as-a-Service company, we turn products into services.

Customers don’t buy iPhones from us, but order an iPhone and get with it extra benefits:

  • lifetime warranty
  • next business day repair or exchange
  • anytime upgrade
  • anytime return
  • out of warranty repairs
  • 100% recycling, no waste goes to landfills

and all at a very competitive price, and pay as you need the service, customers always get the best value through us, for any need they have.

Effectively once first time buyers become our customers, they have no better alternatives to the services we offer, and they can choose what they want when the event occurs, no need to decide in advance.

Our strategy is simple:

1) Acquire first time buyers

2) Take care of them as if they were our customers

3) Convert them into our customers

4) Take care of their needs for a lifetime

The 1) stage is the most capital intense and least profitable, here we today work with 7M euros and did 165M turnover last year

2) this stage is where we try to shine the most in customer support and in the ease of dealing with us

3) this stage we try to lure them in to our ecosystem and get them to understand the benefits of staying with us and using our services anytime they need them, no need to look for other solutions, we know best

4) keep them happy, take away their worries, deliver them best solutions on the go, for a lifetime

Basically you can view Turbado as a curated ecosystem for the iPhone, where we help you to solve any problem you have, either in-house or with the best possible partners on the market, always looking for the best price to value ratio.

And extend that to any brand, not only Apple, to any category of electronics, not only phones, and to any country, not only UK. That is Turbado

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