Amazon – how to compete

Retailers, Etailers, Marketplaces and Brands usually ask me and everyone else, how can they compete against Amazon? The answer 99 times out of 100 is don’t. See Amazon for what it is, a great channel to showcase your products and offers, but don’t feed the beast. Don’t focus solely on Amazon, don’t run special promos, don’t give amazon customers even more incentives to stay loyal to Amazon, not to your brand.

But 1 out of 100 and even less, answer let’s compete with Amazon, and try different approaches, maybe to beat them on price, maybe on speed of delivery, order convenience, maybe on the variety or exclusivity of products, or even customer support and returns handling.

But maybe one out of hundred million, try to compete with Amazon like Turbado does. On the foundation of commerce itself, the sale of products, the transfer of ownership from Seller to the Customer. Like a flower needs light, the customer wants the benefits, not the product. So Turbado asks, why buy products, when you can buy the benefits.

Turbado is an e-commerce company with a vision. We want to free customers from the restrictions technology manufacturers put on their products. Until Turbado, consumers were stuck with whatever model of electronics they purchased, and they were boxed in by the manufacturer’s warranty and service contract. With Turbado, consumers can buy a service contract (equal to the price of the product) that basically lets you use the product for an indefinite period of time. 

Now with this fundamental change, a new world opens for brands, merchants, sellers, customers, marketplaces, providers, facilitators… a world with different rules, shift of focus from one time sale to a brand-customer partnership for as long as the customer uses the product. Brand is responsible for a lifetime, not for a year of limited warranty. And lifetime is a long period, already at product design one must think about sustainability, maintenance, end of life renewing and recycling.

Turbado is the place to transition Amazon buyers to lifetime partners of responsible brands. A responsible brand is not looking for customers, it is looking for lifetime partners in customers.

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