If I had 1.2 million euros

If I had 1 200 000 euros, I would do the same as I did with my 400 000 euros in April 2014. Invest it into my business.

My business after only 8 months of intensive hands-on work and 400k euros investment brings now 20k euros profit a month, gives a rewarding job to 24 people, brings in 100+ paying customers a day of which 97.2% is very satisfied (compared to 93% of the industry average). And within a year aiming to bring in 500+ customers a day, with 30 employees and a very nice positive cash flow. All that in a very competitive B2C e-commerce retail business in 4 countries, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If I had 1.2 million euros, I would do the same as I did this year, to invest to open Spain, France, Germany and Austria, put into the expansion my knowledge, experience, connections and intensive hands-on work, to give job to another 15+ great people, bring in at least 150+ daily customers from the 4 new countries, with a positive cash flow, full investment returned within 3 years and a nice passive income for the investor or a lump sum payment from the future buyer of the business. Be it Alibaba Group, Allegro Group, Expert Electro, Amazon, Media Markt or any other potential buyers, they could get their hands on the next big thing.

We are building a 100+ M euros value business here. For serious and experienced investors and partners.

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