I can not change who I am

We learn from our past experiences and these change us. We change ourselves in relationship to others around us, in relationship to events and situations that occur. But what we are actually changing is not ourselves, but our reactions.

And if you don’t like something, then change your reaction to it. You can only change your reactions, not who you are.

I desire to be seen as who I am now.

And how do you change your reaction that does not serve you anymore? You go into “programming mode”, some call it present moment, or we can say pre-scent moment. That moment which occurs before your body and mind tell you what just occurred. Before your body feels and before your mind quickly tells you how to react. 

That present or pre-scent or state of being before your senses label the event, is when you have a choice to change your reaction, to reprogram your default reactions.

How to do it? Some people meditate, some are self aware of their subtle feelings coming up and guide them where they want them to go, some reprogram themselves in their sleep… find your own way to be present, now you know what that state of being looks like and what is its purpose, how to use it. 

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