Please be flexible here with me on this

I want you to be flexible here with me on this

I want us to be best friends (BFF), but I don’t want you to share with me anytime any of your feelings, processes, things you are going through right now, please keep those for yourself. Learn to self-express them, especially in Writing, art, music or dance.

I want us to be partners, but I don’t want you to express your love, don’t want you to touch me and for sure don’t bring here your sexual desires, energy or language.

I want to live together, but don’t come into my space and I don’t come to your space, we can meet in neutral grounds, example when we share a meal.

I don’t want you to text me or send me over anything in the digital other than logistics of our life.

I want us to be a family, loving parents to our kids, role models, showing them what a strong father and a caring mother we are, but please respect my boundaries from above.

PS: let’s enjoy a nice vacation together, social life with our friends and some time together, but remember there is a hard no to sex and no talking about love, the truth or the divine, better is to talk about others

PPS: sorry I can’t reciprocate your feelings, I don’t feel anything like you feel towards me, so let’s be just friends or even like a brother and a sister in their 40s and 30s (distanced and separate). ————————–
This is what I heard her saying and made me super confused in my thoughts and feelings, I had to retreat to my cave for the whole day to process it. At the end I gave up trying to understand and just reset myself with a few glasses of Chardonnay. This time I feel a leap of faith is in order, or better said I leave this to my higher wise self to guide me through. 

And then the laughing inner child came with his humor telling me: let’s play this, it can be really fun, not knowing what comes next

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